Tiny Dog Chases Off Massive Crocodile in Australia

Small dogs have a reputation for thinking they’re tougher than they look. This little Aussie pup is no exception.

A tiny, blonde pup chased after a 3.5 meter croc at Goat Island in Australia. Whoever posted the video stated that the owner of the property feeds the croc every day. He’s also named the crocodile Casey.

“I was visiting Goat Island with family and King Kai, the owner of the property, calls a croc named Casey out of the water. The dog gets a little jealous and chases the 3.5 meter croc back into the river!”

So, not only does a man who goes by the name ‘King Kai’ feed a 3.5m croc, he’s also got a tiny dog who is 5lbs of pure fury.

Australia. Where crocs have human names and even the toy dogs are tough.

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