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Berleezy does not have any reported pets.

Berlin Edmond (Berleezy)

Berlin Edmond (Berleezy) Pets


December 16, 1992 (31)

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Berlin Edmond, professionally known as Berleezy, has carved a significant place for himself in the digital entertainment industry, garnering fame through his adept ability to combine comedy and gaming into a compelling content package. His unique and authentic voice has made him a favorite among online audiences, predominantly on YouTube, where his channel has amassed millions of subscribers.

Berleezy’s primary body of work comprises his popular YouTube series, the centerpiece being “Exposed,” where he humorously critiques and “roasts” characters from various cartoon series, making light of their inconsistencies or absurdities. His comedic timing, paired with his creative scriptwriting, brings new life to the animations from our childhoods, earning him a large and dedicated fanbase. Simultaneously, his Gaming Channel, iBerleezy, continues to grow, showing his prowess in games like “Resident Evil,” “Among Us,” and “The Sims.” Berleezy’s diversification in the content spectrum led to his impressive participation in the YouTube Original Series “K-Pop Evolution.”

Collaborations have been a notable part of Berleezy’s career, allowing him to leverage the talent and popularity of other digital content creators to build shared successes. Notably, he’s worked with CoryxKenshin, DashieGames, POiiSED, and RDCworld1 in gaming collaborations, creating humorous and engaging gameplay videos that showcase their collective gaming talents and comic timing. Furthermore, he has interacted with renowned YouTubers like Swoozie, Timothy DeLaGhetto, and Domics in non-gaming capacities, giving fans insights into their lives and experiences. Additionally, in his “Exposed” series, he has humorously critiqued animations made famous by icons like Walt Disney, Hanna-Barbera, and Cartoon Network.

Berleezy has received numerous recognitions for his work. For instance, his main YouTube channel was awarded the Gold Play Button, a recognition given to channels that surpass one million subscribers. His gaming channel has also been honored with the Silver Play Button, for channels exceeding 100,000 subscribers. Not to mention, his participation in “K-Pop Evolution” was recognized with an extensive viewership.