Top 5 Reasons Pets Make Winter Better

Top 5 Reasons Pets Make Winter Better

Staying warm, comfortable, and happy in the winter is a constant challenge. We get wet, we get cold, and darkness takes over the season. But it’s not impossible to make it through this time of the year. In fact, as someone who constantly has cold fingers, I’ve learned some tricks over the years that have made coasting through the winter vastly more comfortable and enjoyable. It starts with learning from our pets. Make sure you scroll to the last tip.

1. Learn how to make an entrance at a Christmas Party, you’ll make more friends.

2. Find the happiest person around, happiness spreads

3. Dress for the season

4. Snuggle buddies

5. Punk a friend, laughing makes the world go round. Bonus points for using snow.

Snow Dunked

And with any luck, you’ll survive this winter intact, happy, and full of laughs.

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