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No Pets (Brandon Sklenar)

Brandon Sklenar does not have any reported pets.

Brandon Sklenar

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June 26, 1990 (34)

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Brandon Sklenar is an American actor known primarily for his roles in “1923,” “Midway,” and “Mapplethorpe.”

Sklenar began his career with a role in the independent film “Cornered” in 2011. He appeared in several television series, including “Truth Be Told,” “Westworld,” and “The Offer.” His portrayal of Burt Reynolds in the biographical drama “The Big Ugly” and his part in the action film “Midway” are notable milestones in his career. Sklenar also delivered a significant performance in the independent film “Mapplethorpe,” playing Edward Mapplethorpe.

Throughout his career, Sklenar has collaborated with numerous notable actors. In “1923,” he worked alongside Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren. His role in “Midway” saw him share the screen with Ed Skrein and Patrick Wilson. In “The Big Ugly,” Sklenar’s portrayal of Burt Reynolds was complemented by performances from Vinnie Jones and Ron Perlman. In “Westworld,” he appeared with Evan Rachel Wood. In “The Offer,” he worked with Miles Teller.