How to Tell If Your Cat is Right or Left Pawed

The internet without cat videos is like The Beatles without John Lennon. Probably still exists, but who cares.

If you’re a cat owner yourself, you can understand exactly why the internet loves cat videos. You probably would also like to know absolutely everything about that aloof four-legged feline you share a home with.

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Animal Behaviour recently reported on a study proving that cats have a dominant paw. Much in the same way most left-handed humans are male, the same findings were discovered with cats.

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The team of scientists (who had the most adorable job ever) observed 44 cats in their Northern Ireland homes over the course of three months. The scientists recorded “three behaviours: which paw the cats used to take the initial step into their litter box, which paw they used to take the first step down a flight of stairs, and which side the animals reclined on.” The results proved that most of the cats had a preferred paw, although some were ambidextrous.

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If you want to find out if your own fur baby has a paw preference, take notes on which paw it uses for certain behavior. After a few weeks, you’ll have enough information to make an educated assumption – and your cat literally won’t notice a difference, since you’re always suitably obsessed with them.


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