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October 30, 1986 (37)

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Hiba Abouk is a Spanish actress most notably recognized for her role as Fátima in the Spanish television series “El Príncipe.” Born to Tunisian and Libyan parents, Abouk’s distinctive background has shaped her unique approach to her craft.

Hiba Abouk made waves with her performance in “El Príncipe,” which aired from 2014 to 2016. Set in the troubled neighborhood of El Príncipe Alfonso in Ceuta, the show was a blend of action, drama, and romance that captured audiences across Spain. This was a defining moment that solidified her reputation as a capable actress. Prior to this, she had appearances in other Spanish series like “Los hombres de Paco” and “La isla de los nominados,” but it was “El Príncipe” that truly made her a household name.

Abouk has had the opportunity to collaborate with many talented artists including Álex González and José Coronado in “El Príncipe.” Other noteworthy collaborations include Juan Diego, Marian Álvarez, Belén Rueda, Hugo Silva, and Thibault Vinçon in various television series and films. Her professional connections extend into the realms of fashion and media, with partnerships with influential figures such as Christian Louboutin and fashion photographers like Valero Rioja. In the world of music, her associations include noted figures like Rosalía and Alejandro Sanz.

Hiba Abouk was nominated for the Best Female Performer in Fiction by the Actors and Actresses Union for her role in “El Príncipe.”