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Rosalía's Pets

Does Rosalía Have Any Pets?

Mochi (Dog)

Breed: Chihuahua

Rosalía has a Chihuahua named Mochi that you can sometimes spot in her TikToks. Mochi is her only confirmed dog that she’s also shared the name of. She has posted videos with other dogs, that judging by their vibes, they could also be her lucky dogs. So Rosalia could have up to four dogs.

Schnauzer (Dog)

Breed: Schnauzer

While unconfirmed, it looks like Rosalia has a black Schnauzer that made a rare appearance on TikTok back in February 2022.

Mini Pinscher (Dog)

Breed: Pinscher

Rosalia posted a TikTok in January 2023 of her vibing with her Miniature Pinscher.

Pomeranian (Dog)

Breed: Pomeranian

Rosalia posted a TikTok in June 2023 of her singing with her Pomeranian.


Rosalía Pets


September 25, 1992 (31)

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Rosalia Vila i Tobella, known professionally as Rosalía, is a a Spanish singer and songwriter. She was born and raised in Barcelona where she started learning Spanish folk music at a young age. After studying music at Catalonia College of Music, she began releasing music that she wrote during her studies. The unique blend of genres and unusual style caught the attention of the Spanish community where she gained popularity. Rosalía has won a a Grammy Award, eight Latin Grammy Awards, four MTV Video Music Awards, an MTV Europe Music Award, two UK Music Video Awards and two Premio Ruido awards, and Rolling Stone’s named her as one of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.