Simon Cowell Reveals His Sixth Dog (Just Two Months After His Last Adoption)

While known for being a bit mean to humans, Simon Cowell is full of love for his furry friends. He’s already donated hundreds or thousands to animal charities and rescues and is leaving them millions in his will. He just adopted a German Shepherd named Pebbles in January…

Fast forward to the end of March – And the America’s Got Talent host has fallen in love with a new Chihuahua puppy!

Cowell hasn’t revealed this 6th fur baby’s name or any other details yet, but considering his reputation, we’d guess it’s a rescue. And like with his recent German Shepherd, we’ll also guess he’ll be sharing more about the new puppy on Instagram ASAP.

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Gordon Ramsay’s English Bulldog Tomato at his Macao restaurant opening
Credit: @gordonramsay/Instagram
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