Mr. Pink the Chihuahua Is a Tiny Rescue Pup Going on Big Outdoor Adventures

At only 3.75 pounds, Mr. Pink the Chihuahua is one tiny rescue pup with an appetite for big adventures.

Mr Pink the Chihuahua adventure dog
Credit: @smallest.of.the.small/Instagram

Being that small, we’d imagine it would be a challenge just to climb up onto a couch. But this brave lil guy loves life in the mountains.

Just check out his 2022 recap for proof.

His hobbies include camping.



And eating tortilla chips.

And did you know he’s rumored to be part mountain goat?

For more tiny dog/big adventures with Mr. Pink the Chihuahua, you can follow him at @smallest.of.the.small on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

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