Interview With Bow Wow Weddings – The Canine Concierge for Your Big Day

For any dog parents who are planning their wedding, they for sure have thought about including their fur baby. And for any couple that got married and weren’t able to include their dog, they probably wish they could have. The issue is, any wedding is a guaranteed hectic day. And including your pup in your Big Day can easily mean more stress on the couple, as well as for the dog. That’s where Myles and Don, founders of Bow Wow Weddings, come in to help engaged fur parents on the U.S.A.’s east coast, such as New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, D.C, and most recently, Orlando, Florida.

Interview With Bow Wow Weddings The Canine Concierge for Your Big Day
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To start us off, can you summarize what Bow Wow Weddings is all about?

Bow Wow: Bow Wow Weddings understands that your dog is not just a pet, but a companion and family member. Our dogs are there for us when we need them most, so why shouldn’t they be there on your most special day? Bringing your dog to your wedding is easy with us. We provide transportation from the wedding – Before, after, and overnight care.

What inspired you to start Bow Wow Weddings?

Bow Wow: We saw a horror story about a couple trying to force their Uber driver to take care of their dog during their wedding (and you can bet the driver was not happy about it) . We don’t believe this should ever be a situation for anyone – They should have pros that are ready to pamper their dog during their special day.

I see you offer a range of services. Can you touch on those?

Bow Wow: Our most popular service is Ceremonial Assistance. People really want to see their dog walking down the aisle. It’s such a touching moment to see your four-legged companion who has been there for you their entire life be there for you on your most special day. It’s also just a great symbol of unconditional love.

So you help dogs be guests at weddings. But you also help dogs participate in the wedding ceremony, such as being a flower dog or ring bearer?

Bow Wow: That was what we dream of, but not all dogs can make that trek to be in the wedding ceremony. Some only come for photos because of their anxiety or behavior. But yes, most dogs get to have a fun or important role in the wedding.

While fun, weddings are understandably stressful for the couple, and parties can also be stressful for dogs. How do you ensure your clients (human and canine) are comfortable and have a good time?

Bow Wow: The best way we can make the couple stress less is by going above and beyond for their dog. We don’t want to just take care of their dog during their wedding – we want to pamper them. We have personal fans for dogs on hot days, we overstock our water, we give them tons of pets, and feed them a ton of treats. While our clients are having the most special day of their lives, we aim to make the dog’s day equally as great.

Can you share a few favorite memories of your dog clients interacting with their humans on their big day?

Bow Wow: We love our surprise weddings. One of our brides surprised their husband with their dog during the wedding reception, and his reaction is priceless. If you scroll through our Instagram page @BowWowWeddings you’ll know exactly what wedding I’m talking about as soon as you see the picture, his reaction is priceless and we really love that moment.

Can you share any occasions when a difficult doggy-related situation was resolved?

Bow Wow: We proactively try to resolve this issue ahead of time to prevent any difficult situations. We really work well our clients to get a feel for how their dog behaves or acts. We will meet up with dogs multiple times. We will take dogs early to the venue so they can scope it out and become less anxious. We really try to put the work in ahead of time. And so far, there really hasn’t been a difficult doggy-related situation.

What do your clients (human and canine) say they enjoy the most from Bow Wow Weddings?

Bow Wow: I think they really appreciate the time and effort we make to build the relationship with their dog. Some dogs don’t need as much time but some dogs need more time. I think some of our clients are amazed at how well their dog behaves at their weddings.

Can you give some tips for anyone who’d like to include their fur babies in their wedding?

Bow Wow: Whoever you let take care of your dogs during your wedding make sure they really understand your pup and make sure a relationship is built ahead of time between the attendant and your pup. It goes a long way. Or you can always call us!

Thanks for your time Myles and Don and thanks for helping so many pups share their humans’ most important day! Make sure to visit for more info and follow along on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

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