Sailing the Spooky Seas With Myles and Willow

Myles and Willow (and Finn and Ember) are four fun-loving dachshunds who love living the lake life in Michigan. If you’re not following these celebrity sausages already, you’ve probably seen viral clips of them cruising in a boat or getting towed behind it – and usually in fun costumes or outfits. So when Halloween comes around, you can bet they really get in the spooky spirit for it!

Sailing the Spooky Seas With Myles and Willow Dachshunds

This year they made a big splash on Instagram with their “Spooky Sausage Spiders” costumes. While spiders usually creep people out, many followers commented to say how adorable they are. @wonderwoman444 said, “Well, I can actually say: THESE spiders are the only ones I’d go near, and hold.”

They followed up as paddle-boarding vampires playing fetch. And they even had a mysterious 5th Dachshund in a skeleton costume!

They also took the paddleboard for a spin last Halloween, but as cute dachshund devils.

Last year, they showed off a pair of Dracula floaties. And their hedgehog pal even dressed as a bat to match!

Their cruising isn’t limited to water. Here they are enjoying a lil’ spooky farm time.

Back in 2021, they channeled their doggy Johnny Depp and did a Pirates of the Caribbean theme.

And they also did another movie theme that year, with Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas.

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