Christopher Watson @thecatluminati is a Cat Whisperer That Delights Felines and Humans

Move over, Cesar Millan, because Christopher Watson is a cat whisperer with over 2 million followers in the two years he’s been courting kitties. Watson got the nickname from fans who thought cats had secret meetings about him because they all love him so much. And these secret kitty meetings made them the “Cat Illuminati”.

Christopher Watson The Cat Luminati Whisperer @thecatluminati
Credit: @thecatluminati/Facebook

Watson lives in Tacoma, Washington, and started touring the neighborhoods around him to meet cats. And then he started sharing the videos on TikTok.

He usually goes on 2 or 3 walks a week and says he seems to meet new cats each time. And you can tell by the cats in the videos, that they’re all feeling his friendly vibe.

@catluminati RP because Mr spots didnt get enough love #catluminati ♬ original sound – Catluminati

If a cat is friendly, he’ll see if they’re into being picked up. But he’s always courteous and pays attention to their body language.

@catluminati Pick up test compilation with an answer at the end #catwalk #friendlycat #catluminati ♬ original sound – Catluminati

Many fans are impressed by how all cats seem to love him, as it’s common for cats to not want to approach strangers. But Watson admits he doesn’t have a perfect record.

@catluminati Yall asked for a video of cats rejecting me , this is all i could find… #catwalk #catluminati #friendlycat ♬ KAWAII – Tatarka

Watson’s natural connection with our feline friends has in turn inspired humans to help cats in need. He says many followers have let him know that they’ve adopted cats or supported cats in various ways thanks to him.

@catluminati Yall asked for a video of cats rejecting me , this is all i could find… #catwalk #catluminati #friendlycat ♬ KAWAII – Tatarka

While he clearly vibes with cats naturally, he does apply thought and effort into his catwalks. Check out his video below for tips to help you on your cat-whispering adventures.

For more cat-walking fun, follow @thecatluminati on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

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