Mr. BulldogPabs, the bulldog who doesn’t fear anything

Mr. BulldogPabs is a dog that doesn’t care about much. He’s tough, emotionless, and isn’t fazed by much or anything else for that matter. I bet he doesn’t even care that he has over a 1M followers on social media watching his every move. In fact, the only thing that seems to bother Mr. BulldogPabs is when his owner leaves him alone for the night or does something without him.

Most dogs are afraid of vacuums. The loud noises, high-frequency sounds, and awkward movements set them off. However, Mr. BulldogPabs is not one of those dogs.

When your owner is sad but it’s not quite time to eat yet

BulldogPabs does have emotion, he just chooses when to show them.

@bulldogpabs He really doesn’t want me to succeed…. one day I’ll shine bright like the star I was born to be 😅 #bulldogpabs #britishbulldog #dogsofinsta #englishbulldog #bulldog #funny #hilarious #puppy #lazydog #pablo #rickyandpablo ♬ original sound – BulldogPabs

Some things do rile him up. Just make sure there’s a treat at the end

We’re sure BulldogPabs has a big heart under that tough exterior, you just have to bring snacks. Make sure to follow more of Mr. BulldogPabs on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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