Chichi Charlie – The Daily Life of a Chihuahua Construction Worker

When you think of dog influencers, you think of furry models, actors, artists, chefs, and athletes – Pups that post with celebs and partner with top brands… But what about blue-collar canines? You know, rovers you can relate to, mutts that work Monday to Friday. Pooches that aren’t afraid to get their paws dirty. One perfect example is Chichi Charlie – A Chihuahua construction worker.

Chichi Charlie - The Daily Life of a Chihuahua Construction Worker
Credit: @chichi__charlie/Instagram

Charlie has been working in construction for a few years now and started sharing it on Instagram in the summer of 2022.

Even though Charlie started from the bottom, the pup always persevered and helped however he could.

Charlie slowly grew his confidence and skills. But his newfound assertiveness wasn’t always appreciated by his human coworkers.

After saving up some cash, Charlie invested in his own tools and gear.

(He also started taking a few of his on contracts on the side)

He also started working with Missy, with the pair hitting it off right away.

And they always have each other’s back!

But Charlie does have off days once in a while.

But nothing can stop Charlie when he’s in the flow!

And anyone else notice none of their human coworkers are ever chipping in?

And yes these hounds work hard, but they also party hard!

For more canine construction and comedy, follow @chichi__charlie on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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