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Vinnie Jones' Pets

Does Vinnie Jones Have Any Pets?

Pip (Dog)

Breed: Mixed Breed

In a November 2023 interview with The Field, Vinnie Jones revealed he has a little dog named Pip. Jones was told his dog’s breed was a Patterdale Terrier mix but believes due to its size and lack of wiry fur it must be a chihuahua mix.

“This geezer told me she was a Patterdale cross and would have long legs. Long legs! A chihuahua cross, more like.”

Vinnie Jones, The Field, November 2023
Vinnie Jones' pet Gypsy

Gypsy (Dog)

Adopted 2009

Vinnie Jones and his late wife Tanya had a dog named Gypsy that they got around 2009. After his wife Tanya sadly passed away from cancer in July 2019, Gypsy passed away that November at the age of 10. With Tanya and Gypsy very close, Jones said that he had a positive view of their dog’s death, as they would be reunited now in heaven.

Vinnie Jones

Vinnie Jones Pets


January 5, 1965 (59)

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Vinnie Jones is a former professional footballer turned actor, known for his tough-guy persona. Jones’ breakout role came in the 1998 crime comedy “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels,” directed by Guy Ritchie which also starred a young Jason Statham. Jones played the role of Big Chris, a debt collector with a penchant for violence. This performance earned Jones critical acclaim and helped to launch his career in the film industry. He followed up this success with his role in the iconic 2000 film “Snatch,” starring Brad Pitt and Benicio del Toro.

One of the most significant milestones in Jones’ career came in 2006, with the release of the film “X-Men: The Last Stand,” in which he played the role of Juggernaut. This marked Jones’ transition into larger Hollywood productions.

Throughout his career, Jones has worked with a variety of notable actors and actresses, including Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackson, Ben Kingsley, and Kelsey Grammer. He has also worked with directors such as David Fincher, Martin Scorsese, and Steven Spielberg.