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Madi Filipowicz does not have any reported pets.

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April 21, 2005 (18)

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Madi Filipowicz is an American actress and social media personality, recognized for her roles in independent films and her presence on various digital platforms. She has appeared in films such as “Hope Springs Eternal” (2018) and “To The Beat! Back 2 School” (2020), showcasing her acting skills in the independent film sector.

Filipowicz’s acting career includes roles in a range of independent films. In “Hope Springs Eternal,” she played the role of Sarah, and in “To The Beat! Back 2 School,” she portrayed the character of Mackie. These roles have contributed to her growing reputation in the independent film industry.

Throughout her career, Filipowicz has collaborated with various actors and directors in the independent film scene. She worked with director Jack C. Newell in “Hope Springs Eternal” and with director Jillian Clare in “To The Beat! Back 2 School.”