Pixel and Sophie the Cornish Rex Cats are Pure Spooky Season Vibes

When you’re kitty versions of a vampire and ghost, like Pixel and Sophie, you pretty much celebrate Halloween year-round. And we guess you’re wondering if someone in the underworld left a door open and they escaped and were adopted by humans? Good guess, but they’re actually a breed of cat called Cornish Rex, which are known for their soft, curly hair (due to a genetic mutation).

Pixel and Sophie the Cornish Rex Cats are Pure Spooky Season Vibes
Credit: @pixelandsophie/Facebook

But officially, they start celebrating Halloween after Independence Day.

The happy, smiling vampire is Pixel.

@pixelandsophie There has been a fly in here for three days. It's fast, and so far no one has caught it. #fyp #cat #pixelandsophie #fly #bug #smile ♬ Sabotage – Remastered 2009 – Beastie Boys

The cute ghost is Sophie.

@pixelandsophie When it's only early September but the spooky vibes are starting to hit… #cat #pixelandsophie #fyp #spookyvibes ♬ Sweet Emotion – Aerosmith

They love to play dress-up year round.

But you can bet they turn it up a notch for Halloween.

Here’s Pixel doing a spot-on Beetlejuice impression.

And some costumes are just a natural fit.

While not for Halloween, Pixel showed off a perfect Pee-wee Herman costume, in tribute to the passing of Paul Reuben.

Pixel also wore a lobster costume for a collab with our fav crabfluencer, Howie the Crab.

@pixelandsophie Aww SNAP! The world wasn't ready for me and @Howie's Mom to get together. #fyp #collab #pixelandsophie #howiethecrab #bekind ♬ Ocean Man – Ween

For more Cornish Rex costumes and comedy, visit @pixelandsophie on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

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