Howie the Crab is the Celebrity Crustacean you Need to Follow

Howie is a rainbow crab (cardisoma armatum), but not just any ol’ regular rainbow crab with a TikTok account. Howie is a legit fashion influencer and foodie with over 500k followers. And she’s also a living legend, with rainbow crabs having only a 3 to 5 year life span in captivity, Howie will turn 8 this summer!

All hail our crabby queen!

@howiethecrab Be sure to follow us to help Howie build her kingdom! The Queen has spoken 😆 #howiethecrab #queencrab #queen #petcrab #weloveourfans ♬ Pure Imagination – Kathleen

Howie has a vast collection of stylish hats.

@howiethecrab Howie does happy mouth for her peanut butter sandwich. Listen for her happy squeaks ❤️ #howiethecrab #crabsounds #happymouth #petcrab ♬ original sound – Howie’s Mom

Here she is modeling a cute knitted French beret.

@howiethecrab An old draft from this summer. Sound up and you can hear Howie’s creaky squeaks! #howiethecrab #crabsounds #petcrab #famouscrab ♬ original sound – Howie’s Mom

She’s also a notable foodie and enjoys all kinds of snacks.

@howiethecrab Howie does happy mouth for her peanut butter sandwich. Listen for her happy squeaks ❤️ #howiethecrab #crabsounds #happymouth #petcrab ♬ original sound – Howie’s Mom

Here she is hanging around her house.

@howiethecrab Hanging out with Howie. She likes to play house spider LOL #howiethecrab #petcrab #famouscrab #housespider ♬ original sound – Howie’s Mom

She doesn’t just spend her time inside snacking all day, she sometimes likes to go out for a walk. But it’s a little cold for her right now.

@howiethecrab Howie rolled her hamsterball up to the back door and peered out longingly. She misses playing outside. It needs to hurry up and get warm outside 😭 #howiethecrab #hamsterball #petcrab ♬ Sad Music – Max-Music

But here’s a throwback to good times last summer!

@howiethecrab Howie was really excited for her walk today. She was getting couped up in her tank! Made her a new hawk deterring wig ☺️ #howietok #howiethecrab #walkingmypetcrab ♬ original sound – Matthew Biddulph

While Howie lives the lush life of an influencer, it’s not without its challenges. She had to molt her shell during the last two months of 2022, which is both challenging and dangerous for an elderly crab queen.

@howiethecrab I searched the city for golden beets, one of Howie’s favorite vegetables. She didn’t eat it 😞 I know it’s been coming for a while but I’m sure now that she’s starting her molt. She’s very old and it’s dangerous for her. When old crabs die, it’s usually from being unable to molt or getting stuck during the molt. Send Howie good vibes. This will be a long road. #howiethecrab #happymouth #moltwatch #sendgoodvibes ♬ Possibility – Lykke Li

But with the support of millions of fans watching her live stream, she pulled it off (literally and figuratively)!

@howiethecrab Here are clips from my live video of Howie molting! The full video is available too. #howiethecrab #moltwatch #finally #crabmolting #howiemolted ♬ Epic Music(863502) – Draganov89

Here she is looking fresh and feeling fine!

@howiethecrab HOWIE MOLTED!!! We can all breathe again. I’m so relieved…I can’t even begin to describe the stress I was under. We’re gonna have so many more adventures. Howie is going to get to ride in a helicopter! I’m so happy 😭❤️❤️❤️ #moltwatch #howiethecrab #update #finally ♬ Good To Be Alive (Hallelujah) – Andy Grammer

High five Howie!

@howiethecrab Some of Howie’s best high fives! If you haven’t already follow john_campbell_art on Instagram to support my artist friend. His tattoos are crazy awesome go look ☺️ #howiethecrab #petcrab #trainedcrab #crabhighfive @john__camp ♬ Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond

For more hats and snacks, follow @howiethecrab on Instagram and TikTok.

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