Kevin, the World’s Tallest Dog, Tragically Dies Just Days After Setting the Record

On June 13th, 2024, Guinness World Records announced the new record-setter for The World’s Tallest Dog: Kevin the Great Dane who stood at 3ft, 2in (.97m). In comparison, that’s around the average height of a three-year-old human and the average male Great Dane is around 2ft, 6in.

Kevin the World’s Tallest Dog Tragically Dies Just Days After Setting the Record
Credit: Guinness World Records

Despite his towering presence, Kevin was a “gentle giant” and was even scared of their vacuum. He was loved by the family of four, along with three other dogs, four cats, and a gang of farm animals. “But everybody loves seeing him as long as they don’t get whipped by his tail,” his mom Tracy told GWR.

World's tallest dog Kevin with his owner
Credit: Guinness World Records

Then less than Guinness World Records published the sad news that Kevin’s family shared with them: Kevin had passed away just days after they announced his win. Kevin had suddenly fallen ill, which required emergency surgery… But sadly never recovered.

world's tallest dog kevin with his family
Credit: Guinness World Records

Our whole family is devastated about Kevin. He was just the best giant boy! We are so glad that he was able to break the record and have that light on him. He absolutely adored the attention. I wish these giant breeds, and all dogs, could live longer than they do. It’s never enough time.

Tracy Wolfe, Kevin’s owner, GWR, June 2024

Zeus, another Great Dane, set the previous World’s Tallest Dog record in 2022. Also in January, Guinness World Records was rocked by a scandal when Bobi, the World’s Oldest Dog, was uncovered as a fraud.

Bobbi, the World’s Oldest Dog, Being Investigated for Fraud
Credit: Guinness World Records
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