J.K. Rowling’s Dog Just Saved Her Next Book

Thank’s to WeRateDogs (@dog_rates on Twitter) awarding Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling’s doggo with a top rating, it’s helped ease the pain of her writer’s block. Rowling has tweeted about having bouts of writer’s block over the last year and mentioned her dogs haven’t been helping a couple times. Last February she tweeted that her rescue greyhound Sapphire was distracting her because the dog couldn’t decide what side of her door to be on. Last January she also tweeted that her terrier Bronte decided she had written enough that day:

Now it looks like it’s all turned around, thanks to WeRateDogs giving her dog Bronte a rating of 13/10, with it being very rare to score better than a 10/10.

J.K. Rowling replied saying after having trouble writing all day, this honor has made everything better.

She’s currently working on two novels, one as J.K. Rowling and one under her other pen name, Robert Galbraith. Using her Galbraith pen name, we can expect the book to be part of her detective series. With her saying the other will be a J.K. Rowling novel, fans are demanding to know if it will a new entry to the Harry Potter series or set in the Harry Potter universe. Rowling has refused to spoil the surprize, so we’ll just have to wait. Let’s hope that thanks to a little boost from WeRateDogs, we’ll see a new novel by Rowling sooner than later.

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