Bryan Cranston is a Liar (but only to get rescue dogs adopted)

Following up the previous ”Rescue Dog Rescue” with Aubrey Plaza that got all the puppies featured their own forever home, Steven Colbert had another one. This time it features Bryan Cranston, who has been promoting his role in the new Power Rangers movie. but made time to tell a bunch of hilariously blatant lies to get these puppies adopted.

Bryan Cranston Puppies 1
Bryan Cranston Puppies 3

Cranston tells us the story of Sterling the puppy, saying “…Sterling is getting his life back together. He’s sober now, but don’t worry because he still loves to party – which means you’ll always have a designated driver.” Then channeling a bit of Walter White, he then adds “Plus, because of his club days, he can get you anything you need”. Check out the lies and puppies in the clip.

Bryan Cranston Puppies 4
Bryan Cranston Puppies 2
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