Danny Trejo Mourns the Loss of His 16-Year-Old “Pitbull Chasing” Chihuahua

While he’s a badass on-screen, Danny Trejo is a softie for animals IRL. He’s an outspoken pet adoption advocate and currently has a pack of rescue dogs, with many more over the years. One pup that held a special place in his heart was Dixie, his “pitbull chasing” chihuahua who just passed away at 16 years old.

Danny Trejo chihuahua named Dixie
Credit: Danny Trejo/Instagram

His Instagram post sharing the sad news got condolences from several animal advocacy groups and pet rescue organizations.

In a touching interview with TMZ, he said Dixie was like his famous character “Machete,” as she could be sweet, but stay the hell out of her way…. or else.

Dixie was very cuddly with dad, but Trejo goes on to explain his other dogs respected her as their queen and gave her space. The other pups would also watch out when Dixie was in a bad mood.

In the clip below, Danny Trejo shares how there’s no love like a dog’s love and the importance of giving rescue dogs a chance.

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