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Rascal Wild Has a Nose You Must Boop

Rascal “it’s a trap” Wild is a rescue cat who loves mischief.

He’s a tuxedo cat with the heart of a troublemaker and the nose of a gentleman – much like his namesake. Rascal began his life as a stray, cruisin’ the mean streets of Marysville, Washington. He was taken to a kennel shelter, where he bided his prison sentence – waiting for the chance to escape.

This is me when me and my friends talk about food.

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Purrfect Pals stumbled across Wild’s mugshot and knew they had to step in. After an elaborate heist, they sprung the nosy cat from his kennel. In 2015, Purrfect Pals placed Rascal in a foster home where his playful side began to show. Wild loves tricking people into attempting to pet his belly.

Rescuers realized that being kenneled sent the kitty down a deep depression spiral. Can’t cage this wild tiger, no sir.

Look closely… there's a tiny little blep. 👅

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Potential furever parents passed Rascal by – no one wanted a cat with his crazy amount of energy.

Eventually, Jim and Cerise found him, heard his woeful tale and adopted him. They love his quirky antics, accept that he’s too tough for snuggles, and let him live his best life.

“When Rascal is not bouncing off the walls, he plays a game where he exposes his belly, luring people in to pet his enticing soft belly – but it’s a TRAP!

“Fortunately, Rascal is extremely handsome, has a sweet side that offsets his wild side, produces big gigantic purr’s, and sleeps on Cerise’s feet every night.”

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