Kyle Richards Fosters Then Adopts a Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy From a Fan

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards just added a 7th dog to her pack with a big cuddly Bernese Mountain Dog puppy (who she ended up naming Georgie). The announcement came as much of a surprise to Richards as her millions of fans, as she shared that the lucky pup was a foster fail!

Kyle Richards adopted Bernese Mountain Dog puppy
Credit: @kylerichards18/instagram

She started fostering the pup after a fan reached out in her DM to help them find a new furever home… Which ended up being her home!

Richards didn’t name him as she didn’t want to get too attached. But now that he’s officially her fur baby, she asked her followers for name suggestions. One popular and thoughtful suggestion was “Rain,” which has a dual meaning. It’s similar to the name of her late best friend Lorene, who sadly passed away last May and matches her dog, whose name is Storm. Storm was the most recent dog she adopted, which was in January 2022. Richards eventually settled on the name “Georgie.”

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