Fox Dog Taro is All Ears

Fox Dog Taro is a rescue Chihuahua-Mini Dachshund mix that easily could be part Pokemon.

Fox Dog Taro rescued chihuahua mini dachshund with giant ears
Credit: @kitsune_inu/Instagram

His age is approximately 10 years old, and it’s clear his ears have been growing the whole time.

Haters might say he got cosmetic surgery to look this cute, but fans know he’s all real.

By the way, they’re real, and they’re spectacular!

Is what we imagine Foxdog Taro is saying below

Who wouldn’t just explode if they came home to all this cuteness?

We bet he’s a pro at listening to all your problems and making everything better.

And don’t worry he does take time off from being the cutest being in all existence.

You can follow Foxdog Taro on YouTube, on TikTok at @kitsuneinutaro, and on Instagram at @kitsune_inu.

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