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February 2, 1997 (27)

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Mercedes Blanche, originally Mercedesz Meszaros from Hungary, is a Canadian actress celebrated for her leading role as X-Ray Supe in “The Boys” Season 3. Initially pursuing Project Management, she later honed her acting skills at LB Acting Studios in Toronto, where she is currently based. Mercedes began her career with guest appearances, including on “Robyn Hood” (2023) as Maddie, “Slumberland” (2022), “The Boys” (2021), among others. Her work spans from Los Angeles, California, to Budapest, Hungary, marking her ascent in the entertainment industry on a global scale. With a significant TikTok presence of 8 million followers, she excels as a social media influencer in both Hungarian and English, dedicating herself fully to each role. Beyond her acting, Mercedes is a vocal advocate for equality, both within the industry and beyond.