After Her Beloved Rescue Cat Passed Away Suddenly, Kat Dennings Decides To Adopt Two Kittens

Even if you don’t follow Kat Dennings, you’d probably bet that she loves cats. She’s had pet cats since she was a kid, starting with a fluffy kitty named Daisy. Up until recently, the 2 Broke Girls star only had one feline love in her life named Mildred (Millie for short). Millie was a Norwegian Forest cat mix that she adopted back in 2013. After having her heartbroken by the loss of her previous cat, Pumpkin, she waited a whole eight years to adopt again!

Kat was shopping in a health food store when the owner revealed they found three kittens in their garage and were looking to find their furever homes. Only one wasn’t spoken for – A shy ball of fur hiding in the back of the crate. Kat immediately identified with that vibe and adopted her on the spot! Then Millie suddenly passed away last October…

In an interview with People Magazine, Kat Dennings said, “It was very unexpected and horribly traumatic, and I was like, ‘What do I do? I still can’t believe this.’ I thought she was going to live to be 30, and it was just the worst. But a friend of mine was like, ‘Just get another cat right now. Just don’t wait eight years like you did last time.'”

So she took the dive and ended up adopting two sister kittens and named them Lentil and Barley!

Kat said she’s glad she adopted a pair so they can keep each other company when she’s working. And when she’s home, she’s known to post about her two new bundles of joy!

For more on her history of cats (plus a dog), visit our Kat Dennings celebrity pet profile.

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