Scott Eastwood The Funny or Die Bachelor for Dogs

Just when we thought Scott Eastwood, son of Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood, couldn’t possibly be any more of a dreamboat, we stumbled across this Funny or Die parody of The Bachelor. Check out Scott’s hypnotizing baby blue’s below, you will not regret it.

There he is, in all his shirtless glory, amidst a literal dog-pile of adorableness. Can this day get any better? Can Scott get any more shirtless? Can those dogs get any cuter?

The only possible way for the video to be more entertaining is with a compulsory twist. Enter: The Cat, a tailspin on a dogs-only documentary. The parody mimics The Bachelor’s structure with a couple of necessary edits – swapping roses for bones, for example.

We laughed, we cried. We wished every episode of The Bachelor had a cute dog (or ten) in it.

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