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Hero Accountant Runs a Pet and Dog Retirement Home for “Unadoptables”

Steve Greigs, an accountant in Colorado, has made it his life’s mission to adopt the unadoptable. Greigs has ten senior dogs, a potbelly pig named Bikini, a couple of cats, two ducks, a rabbit and a chicken named Oprah. Oh, and Jim the Pigeon.


Steve’s doggy family had their fifteen minutes of fame when Human’s of New York posted a photo of Engelbert along with his adoption story. Greigs has made a habit of adopting the underdog.

The dog pack has done sponsored posts for Rachael Ray’s Nutrish Dish dog food, Purina and Petfinder, the app he used to find Bikini, his pot belly pig rescue. We hope Greigs earned some perks from the dog food companies since he has a dozen mouths under his roof.

You're late. We're hungry. There's chicken on the counter. #vegetarianhumor

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Bikini the pig was found at a “local chicken swap” in the back of a pickup truck; as a princess pig with a Real Housewives attitude, she was painfully out of place. Bikini now cruises around in her dad’s Escalade and doesn’t do a damn thing she doesn’t want to, which includes walking.

I bought Bikini a custom made, fleece lined, puffy jacket. Sure it sounds snooty that Bikini won't buy "off the rack" but it turns out not having a neck necessitates very specific dimensions for your clothing if you don't want them to slide right off. I got it fleece lined and insulated to make sure she stays warm because if she's cold, Bikini won't got out and play. And when Bikini doesn't go out and play she gets bored. And when Bikini gets bored, we all suffer. Her favorite inside game is to "gently" bite the dogs on the butt when they aren't looking. Not hard enough to break the skin but hard enough to cause a yelp and a jump and a slight neurosis as they constantly look over their shoulders. She enjoys this game immensely, they do not. Or she unties my shoes…..while I'm still wearing them. Or she goes through all the cupboards, or spills her water bowl on purpose, or turns over the recycling bin. I don't want to throw out any unnecessary labels, so let's just say she can be "difficult". Therefore, to battle Bikini's boredom during the winter months, I sprung for an expensive, custom made, pig jacket. Now let's just hope she still fits through the doggy door while she's wearing it. #idlehoovesarethedevilsworkshop

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She has her own compartment in the “Senior Wagon” so she won’t accidentally crush one of the smaller dogs.

She’s got everything a diva needs including a super handsome, laid back boyfriend – Enoch, the ten-foot-tall Irish Wolfhound.

What a pork sandwich looks like in my house. Tbt

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We’re not totally sure Stuart knows he’s a rabbit. His best friend is a pigeon and his roommates are the gender bending roosters, Laverne and Shirley.

The only way rabbit will ever be served at my table. Stuart the rabbit. #rabbitstu

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Greigs has an army of miniature senior dogs ready to help out underfoot with matters of household chores and security. His Instagram feed has some pure gold photoshoots of tiny, canine elders posing in ludicrous settings.

Good news for those out there wanting a distinguished mutt, some of his pups are fosters and up for adoption.

An outtake from when Enoch and Englebert modeled for a t-shirt design. #thelongandshortofit

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