Gino is officially the world’s oldest dog at 22 years old

Soon after Flossie was announced as the new World’s Oldest Living Cat at 27 years old, Guinness World Records revealed the new World’s Oldest Living Dog. Named Gino Wolf, a Chinuanua – Eskimo mix, was two years old when he was adopted by Alex Wolf in 2002. This happened during his sophomore year in college when he and his roommates wanted to adopt a dog. After college, Wolf and Gino moved to Southern California.

Gino Wolf the worlds oldest dog
Credit: Alex Wolf / Guinness World Records

In October, Wolf saw an article that the world’s oldest dog had passed away and wondered if his little Gino could be a contender (RIP TobyKeith). He called the Humane Society where he adopted Gino and they still had his records. Already living a cushy life, Gino is now living the life of a celebrity canine. “We take him on wagon walks around the neighborhood, we take him on car rides here and there,” Wolf told ABC7 News, “When we have the fireplace going, we set up his bed in front of the fireplace. It’s a life of luxury.”

UPDATE – February 2023: Gino has lost his World’s Oldest Dog title to 30-year-old Bobi, a Portuguese livestock guardian dog

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