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November 12, 2001 (22)

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Hazel Doupe is an acclaimed Irish actress, known for her breakout role in the film “Float Like a Butterfly.”

Doupe’s career is highlighted by her performances in several films and television series. She gained notable attention for her role in “Float Like a Butterfly,” where she played the character of Frances. This film was pivotal in showcasing her talent and bringing her to the forefront of the Irish film industry. Additionally, her role in “Michael Inside” further cemented her reputation as a talented actress. Her television appearances, including her role in “Taken Down,” have also contributed significantly to her career.

Collaboration has been a key aspect of Doupe’s career. She has worked alongside notable figures such as Dafhyd Flynn in “Michael Inside,” Lalor Roddy in “Float Like a Butterfly,” and Lynn Rafferty in “Taken Down.” Other significant collaborations include working with directors like Carmel Winters and Frank Berry.

Doupe’s career is also marked by several awards and recognitions. Her performance in “Float Like a Butterfly” earned her the Best Actress award at the Dublin Film Critics’ Circle Awards.