“The World’s Best Dog Dad” Creates Mini Rooms for His Mini Dachshunds

Peaches, Challah, and Mitzi are three lucky miniature dachshunds who live with their human Benjamin Mazer, MD. Mazer just is being an ER doctor for humans, but he started spending his spare time working as an interior designer for dogs.

The World's Best Dog Dad Creates Mini Rooms for His Mini Dachshunds
Credit: @theworldsbestdogdad/TikTok

He created his first living sausage dog-friendly living room design back in July 2021, using a spare bedroom in his house. While making the room, complete with mini-furniture, was for fun and for people to enjoy, it’s also serious for his doggy clients.

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With Dachshunds having long spines and short legs, they can be injured jumping from heights that are high for them. This includes jumping on and off human-sized furniture. This was sadly the case for his dog Peaches a few years before the first mini-living room. One day Mazer came home to find Peaches crying in excruciating pain and barely able to walk. It was found that she had a herniated disc that was pushing on her spinal cord in her neck! But luckily, she got emergency neurosurgery and fully recovered.

Mazer now wanted to ensure his three-pack of hotdogs were both safe and comfy when he was out. He started looking for a few dog beds, which led to stumbling across “mini dog sofas” on Wayfair. Mazer said they were hilariously realistic and perfectly “Mid-Century Modern”.

This led Mazer down the rabbit hole searching for more mini-furnishings around his house and online, to compliment the new couches. This included small plants and rugs, and tiny art hung at dachshund height.

He then went a step further and started repurposing and creating mini-furnishings from children’s furniture and toys.

Worlds Best Dog Dad creating mini dog furniture
Credit: theworldsbestdogdad.com
Worlds Best Dog Dad mini furniture for Dachshunds
Credit: theworldsbestdogdad.com

Since then, he’s done a few renovations, along with seasonal themes. Then he even expanded to his deck by outfitting it with three doggy cabanas and pool to keep these hog dogs cool in the Atlanta summer!

For more mini-interior design tips, follow @theworldsbestdogdad on TikTok and Instagram.

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