Fifi Little Darling is a Jet-Setting Dachshund Spreading Joy Around the World!

Fifi Little Darling is a certified therapy Dachshund from South Carolina. She not only brings joy to her humans, but to everyone she meets as she travels the world. She went viral in December for the video below that shares her business class trip from Hong Kong to Paris.

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Here’s a peek at her layover experience in Turkey.

Not only does she help her humans with their mental health, Fifi loves to help others whenever she can.

Fifi Little Darling Service Dog training
Credit: @fifilittledarling/Instagram

We know traveling can be tiring, so she does get a day off.

Fifi Little Darling bed time
Credit: @fifilittledarling/Instagram

She also likes to kick back at the beach or poolside.

Fifi Darling Service Dachshund
Credit: @fifilittledarling/Instagram

And did we mention she’s also a fashion icon?

Credit: @fifilittledarling/Instagram

For more of Fifi’s adventures, follow @fifilittledarling on Instagram and TikTok.

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