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Burn Gorman does not have any reported pets.

Burn Gorman

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September 1, 1974 (49)

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Burn Gorman is an English actor and musician recognized for his roles in “Torchwood” and “Game of Thrones.” His filmography includes significant roles in “The Dark Knight Rises,” where he portrayed Phillip Stryver, and “Pacific Rim” as well as its sequel “Pacific Rim Uprising,” in which he played scientist Hermann Gottlieb. His work spans across film, television, and voice acting in video games and animated series.

In cinema, Gorman has been part of several high-profile projects. His role in “The Dark Knight Rises” contributed to the film’s global success, while his character in both “Pacific Rim” films was central to the story’s progression concerning humanity’s fight against the Kaiju. His voice acting contributions include roles in video games such as “Lego Dimensions,” where he reprised his character from “Torchwood.”

Gorman’s collaborations with other actors have significantly shaped his career. In “Pacific Rim,” he worked closely with Idris Elba. His interactions in “Game of Thrones” with actors like Kit Harington and Rose Leslie deepened the narrative complexity of his character. On “Torchwood,” his performances alongside Eve Myles and John Barrowman were fundamental to developing the show’s core relationships. Additionally, his role in “Pacific Rim” involved significant scenes with Charlie Day, balancing critical scientific discussions with moments of levity.