Forget Books, This Library Lets You Borrow Dogs

The “Canine Library” is a series of events hosted by the Vancouver Public Library in British Columbia, Canada. These events let dogless humans of all ages get personal with some cute pups (while promoting reading). Their upcoming event on September 8th has a “Puppy and Poety” theme.

Canine Library Vancouver Puppy and poetry
Credit: Vancouver Public Library/Facebook

The event will be held at a nearby park, with a pack of dogs and their owners ready to read. Then participants will get to pick a pup and read poetry to them! This follows previous pup poetry and other doggy reading events such as “Paws 4 Stories,” which paired kids learning to read with a therapy dog and its owner.

They haven’t released the 2023 lineup, but you can check out last year’s poetry pups below:

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