Fenix Lumiere Shows Us “If You Can’t Walk, Dance”

Meet Fenix Lumiere! He is a happy, dancing, prancing dog that just can’t get enough of life. His videos share positive vibes to over 2M followers every day. Felix didn’t always prance though. The white rescue was born with a neurological disorder called Cerebellar Hypoplasia. The disorder affected his ability to learn to walk and Fenix struggled as a puppy. While some animals with this condition struggle to balance, Fenix has found a way to use it to his advantage by strutting around in style.

Fenix was rescued by a couple in Southern California. “My best memory with Fenix, I’d have to say, is all the ordinary moments just day to day, getting blown away by how adorable his prance is. It never gets old; my husband and I often talk about how adorable it is,” says Zoe, Fenix’s mom.

You can follow more of Fenix Lumiere on his TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube Channels.

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