Top Celebrity Pets Social Media Posts in 2022

In 2022, we featured “Celebrity Pets”, but more importantly, “Pets that are Celebrities”. Posts by these furry friends have brought likes and shares as people around the world tune in to see what outrageous antics they’re up to. From fashion shows and movie premieres to charity events and exotic vacations, there’s no limit to what these pampered pooches and kitties did for attention. So get ready to follow along as we take a look at the top pet social media posts of 2022!

The final touch. This excited Pug accidentally crosses wet cement on his way out to play

Cats being cats in “Cat Playland”

Petting the hands of an otter

Fearless little bird enters the mouth of a giant dog and keeps chirping anyway

Puppy Naps with a Baby Chick – Best Friends Come in All Shapes and Sizes

The sleepy kitten that can’t resist a snack

Messy Cat Loves his Dragon Fruit

Talking Parrot “Thank you baby”

Meeka The Husky

Meeka the Husky
@meekathehuskyy IG

Meeka The Husky is a sassy Siberian Husky that loves to talk. Her 6 million followers tune in each day to watch her throw shade at her parents. And she loves it.

Samson The Cat

samson catstradamus
@catstradamus IG

With a heavy heart, we lost Samson the Cat aka Catstradamus in 2022. His sheer size was only matched by his impact on the community of followers. He has passed the torch to his nephew, Danté. Recently a new kitten has joined the litter. Introducing Solomon.

So that’s it for 2022. We can only imagine what’s coming for 2023. Be sure to follow along as we find Celebrity Pets, and Pets that are Celebrities.

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