Forget Walks in the Park, Ninja the Parkour Dog Walks up Walls!

Ninja the Parkour Dog is a Border Collie that’s been a pioneer in the world of Barkour for the last 6 years.

Ninja lives in Germany with parkour-practicing human, Dodo.

But their adventures take them all around Europe.

Ninja’s incredible agility has seen him go viral quite a few times over the years. The clip below went viral this week and caught our eye. It’s already racked up over 12 million views on Instagram in 5 days!

Ninja also has a crew of human and doggy parkour pals.

While Ninja leads an action-packed life, we have to remember he’s a trained professional and his human always considers his pup’s health and safety.

After coming in second two years in a row, Ninja took home first place in the 2023 Top Dog Germany competition! Ninja finally got the titel of #topdoggermany2023 It was a tough competition with many strong opponents and @Mia Heringer&Frieda Topdog were the final endboss. Thank you everyone for your congratulations and support. @TikTok uploaded it 3 times and every time its horizontal and nit vertical. #barkour #parkour #topdoggermany #topdog ♬ Dream On – Akun Negero Pensi

If you’re fast enough, you can follow him at on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube.

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