Lucy Hale Names Her Dog ‘Channing Tatum’ for ‘Puppy Love’ Movie

The new rom-com Puppy Love stars human actors Lucy Hale and Grant Gustin. Gustin plays Max, who has a King Cavalier Charles Spaniel named Chloe. Hale plays Nicole, who had a mixed-breed dog named Channing Tatum. Without any big spoilers, the dogs hit it off way better than their parents…

Movie Poster for Puppy Love
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In case you were confused or just wishing it was true, no, the dog isn’t played or even voiced by Channing Tatum. Max the dog is played by a female canine actor named Fancy Pants. But here’s a quick photoshop of what the multiverse version of Puppy Love might look like:

Channing Tatum as Lucy Hale's dog
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Channing Tatum as a dog with Lucy Hale at the vet
Credit: Buzzfeed Studios/Amazon

Hale shared that before settling on Channing Tatum, they considered names such as Mutt Damon, Kanye Westie, and Mark Ruffalo. The original script also called for an all-white dog named Walter White, after Bryan Cranston’s legendary role in Breaking Bad.

Mark Ruffalo dog full legal name
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Lucy Hale was interviewed by TV Insider and shared that while not actually Channing Tatum, the dog actor Fancy Pants was apparently as talented and a pleasure to work with as the human she was named after.

These dogs are so well-trained. It’s pretty crazy, actually. Specifically, Nicole’s dog is [played onscreen by] Fancypants, and Fancypants is a star within the canine film world. Fancy’s been in commercials and movies, is smart, and has actual human expressions. So, they were very well-behaved. 

Lucy Hale, TV Insider, August 2023

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