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Does Nick DiGiovanni Have Any Pets?

Pesto (Mouse)

Nick DiGiovanni’s mouse, Pesto, might not have been the chef from Ratatouille, but he sure spiced up the internet on Nick’s channels. Sadly, Pesto’s culinary critiques ended in August 2022.

Pepper (Dog)

Breed: Pomsky

In October 2021, Nick DiGiovanni welcomed Pepper, a Pomsky (Husky-Pomeranian mix), into his life, adopting her from Pocket Pomskies.

Nick DiGiovanni

Nick DiGiovanni Pets


May 19, 1996 (28)

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Nick DiGiovanni is an American celebrity chef, internet personality, and entertainer, known for his significant presence on social media platforms including YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, where he has amassed over 25 million followers as of March 2023. He attended Milton Academy and later Harvard University, where he created his own concentration titled “Food and Climate.” DiGiovanni’s academic pursuits included analyzing carbon emissions in international restaurants and working under the guidance of notable figures like Michael Pollan.

DiGiovanni’s career took a notable turn when he participated in the tenth season of MasterChef, finishing in third place. This exposure catapulted him into the limelight, leading to the launch of his YouTube channel where he shares cooking videos. His channel has gained substantial popularity, with over 12 million subscribers as of November 2023. DiGiovanni’s content extends beyond cooking; he has engaged in various philanthropic efforts, including his role as Lead Ambassador for The Farmlink Project and participation in the #TeamSeas campaign. His achievements have been recognized with inclusion in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for Food and Drink in 2021 and winning YouTube’s Streamy Award for Food.

Nick DiGiovanni’s career features collaborations with Gordon Ramsay, enhancing his culinary skills, and fellow digital content creators Joshua Weissman and Rosanna Pansino, expanding his online presence. His partnerships with brands like Nutella, Amazon, Walmart, and Kinder Bueno showcase his cooking talents and entertainment value, solidifying his status in culinary and digital content creation.

DiGiovanni’s career is marked by a series of awards and distinctions that highlight his impact in the culinary world. He was a recipient of the Webby Award in 2022 and set a Guinness World Record in November 2021 for the largest ever cake pop, weighing 97 pounds 8.52 ounces.