Prissy and Poppleton the MiniPigs Who Will Melt Your Hearts

These little piggies went all the way to the market of Instagram fame. Priscilla and Poppleton are two mini pigs with over 600k IG followers, and they’re tearing up the #minipig hashtags with some seriously adorable, cloven hooves.

In classic Floridian style, the pigs wear some wonderfully drag-esque outfits with over-the-top wigs and liberal amounts of tulle. Their mom, Melissa Nicholson, is a schoolteacher with a love for piggy puns. She incorporates Prissy and Pop into her first grade lessons as much as possible, teaching children “kindness and compassion” to animals. So, she’s basically a modern day Mother Theresa. But with pigs. Really, really cute pigs.

The piglets were the inspiration for two children’s books written by Nicholson, Prissy & Pop: Big Day Out and the Christmas special, Prissy & Pop Deck The Halls. They’ve got plush toys done in their honour and are friends with other Instagram stars, like the Pugdashians.

The pigs both have distinct personalities, Poppleton loves sharks and Prissy is a pink loving fem. Poppleton breaks down heteronormative gender roles by wearing classically female costumes. He’s a feminist at heart, a strong believer in gender (and species) equality.

The two wear pearls to the beach, love a good tutu and bring joy to the masses. They’re camera hogs, in the best way possible, and we love them for it.

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