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Ahmed Fahmy has a dog named Zizi.

Ahmed Fahmy

Ahmed Fahmy Pets


November 6, 1980 (43)

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Ahmed Fahmy is an admired Egyptian actor and singer, best known for his groundbreaking roles in films and television series, while being a vocal advocate for animal rights.

Fahmy’s versatility shines through in his prolific career, which spans across various mediums. His screen presence was first widely recognized in the TV series “El-Kebir Awy,” where he expertly played the character of Kabeer. The series was a massive hit in Egypt and catapulted Fahmy to nationwide fame. Fahmy’s film career took a leap forward with roles in “Al-Farah” and “Zay El Naharda,” where his portrayal of complex characters was met with critical acclaim. Furthermore, his talents extend to the music industry, having released several successful albums as part of the popular music trio WAMA.

Fahmy’s body of work is also marked by notable collaborations with many artists, directors, and writers. For instance, his performances alongside fellow actor Karim Abdel Aziz in “El-Kebir Awy” contributed significantly to the show’s success. In his film journey, he shared the screen with luminaries like Donia Samir Ghanem in “Zay El Naharda” and Laila Eloui in “Al-Farah.” His music career with WAMA saw him creating harmony with Mostafa Atef and Mahmoud Shoukry. Collaborating with directors like Ahmed Nader Galal and writers such as Mohamed Samir Mabrouk, Fahmy shaped unforgettable narratives in Egyptian cinema.

Ahmed Fahmy’s considerable contributions to the entertainment industry have not gone unrecognized. He received a Best Actor nomination at the Egyptian Cinema Film Association Festival for his moving performance in “Zay El Naharda.” His role in “Al-Farah” was also hailed as one of the standout performances of the year, earning him widespread praise from critics and audiences alike. In music, WAMA’s albums featuring Fahmy’s vocals have topped music charts in Egypt, underlining his multifaceted talent.