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Does Michael Bolton Have Any Pets?

Michael Bolton's pet No Pets (Michael Bolton)

No Pets (Michael Bolton)

Michael Bolton does not have any reported pets. He once shared that he would love to have pets, but it’s tough keeping them while he’s on the road.

Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton Pets


February 26, 1953 (71)

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Michael Bolton is a singer, songwriter, and musician known for his soulful voice and powerful ballads. Throughout his career, he has had many breakout roles and impressive accomplishments, including multiple Grammy Awards and selling over 75 million records worldwide. Bolton’s collaborations with other artists, celebrities, and influential people have also played a significant role in his success. He has worked with a wide range of musicians, from Luciano Pavarotti to Lady Gaga, and his duets with other singers have produced some of his most iconic hits.

Michael Bolton has collaborated with several artists and musicians including Australian pop singer, Delta Goodrem, on the song “I’m Not Ready.” The song was a hit in both the US and Australia and showcased Bolton’s ability to seamlessly blend his classic sound with modern pop. He has also worked with other artists such as Seal, Kid Cudi, and Rascal Flatts.