Statue of the Official Boston Marathon Dog Has Been Unveiled, After He Passed away Last Year

After a long, brave battle with cancer, Spencer the Golden Retriever passed away in February 2023. In 2022, he was made the Official Dog of the Boston Marathon.

Now in April 2024, a statue of Spencer has been unveiled! It’s found in Spencer’s favorite spot to cheer on the marathon runners.

If you’re not already a fan of Spencer, his hero’s journey started way back in 2014, a year after the tragic Boston Marathon bombing. That was the first year Spencer started cheering on marathon runners while he help up a “Boston Strong” flag. His human, Rich Powers, said Spencer enjoyed and knew what he was doing. And there are plenty of videos of fans and runner taking photos with the positive pup.

Already a celebrity pet in Boston, Spencer went viral in 2018 for sticking it out in the rain to support the runners.

Donations and merch sales helped pay for the statue and also helped support research for Hemangiosarcoma, a tumor condition that Spencer suffered from, along with many other Golden Retrievers.

But Spencer’s legacy will live on through Jimmy and Jade!

For more memories of Spencer and to follow Jimmy and Jade, go to @thehenrystudio on Instagram and Facebook.

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