How To Make Your Pet Insta-famous – & Get Rich While You’re At It

We’ve all stumbled across dogs on Instagram who are pulling in more cash than we could hope to. So how do you make your own pet insta-famous and cash in on that sweet, sweet pet-celebrity status?

1. Find Your Niche

What’s different about your furbaby? Of course, they’re the cutest thing on the planet (to you) but unfortunately Jiffy the Pomeranian has that market pretty much cornered. Are they good looking in an unconventional manner like Tuna? Are they an alien from space (looking at you, Lil Bub)? Are they some hella pissed looking felines? Figure out what makes them weird, interesting, or unbearably cute and run with it.

2. Get Your Camera’s Out

Do some research into basic photography (search: framing and lighting). No one wants to see your dirty laundry hamper in the background of your pet portrait, no matter how adorable Fluffy is that day.

3. Use All The Help You Can Get

Apps are your friend! Photoshop those pics! You can find a plethora of scheduling and editing apps out there, people. There’s no excuse for that sloppy Valencia filter.

VSCO and Snapseed are CPW favs.

4. Keep em Comin’

Consistent posting is your ticket to stardom. Or, annoying your friends and family so much that they unfriend you — but no one got famous without sacrifice, right?

5. Talk to Your Fans

Engage with your audience, find your pet’s voice and use it. Are they sassy? Friendly? Witty? Decide on an attitude and stick with it, then reply to your DM’s and comments. You’ll increase your loyalty and up your engagement.

6. Tag Celebs

Find your pets doppelganger or spirit-human and don’t stop annoying them until they HAVE to give you a shoutout. Honestly, we’re still waiting on @chrissyteigen so we’re not exactly sure that this one works. But, it’s worth a try.

7. Hashtags and Location Tags FTW

Keep taggin’ those pics. You’ll grow your community while popping up in searches!

Good luck, God speed, and remember to tag us on Insta @celebritypetworth.

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