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Pompous Albert is The New Grumpy Cat

As Albert Einsteins’ namesake, this cat knows he’s better than you.

Pompous Albert is allegedly a Selkirk Rex, but we have our doubts. It’s possible that he’s actually a cartoon villain come to life. Or possibly an old, angry shag rug.

Pompous Albert’s social media accounts are run by his parents Mike and Susan Singleton – hired purely for their opposable thumbs. The family lives in Salt Lake City, where Albert also joins them in their office during work hours.

Albert spends his days at work casually threatening to release the files of his fellow coworkers.

His parents swear that he’s actually sweet in person, but his Instagram feed makes that hard to believe.

He glares pure hate at the camera, and his 139k followers love it. Pompous Albert’s coming in hot on Grumpy Cat‘s tail – the Queen of Mean better watch out if she wants to rule her cranky internet empire.