Grumpy Cat, 2012 Internet Sensation, Rumored to Have a $100 Million Dollar Net Worth

Who knew that underbites and dwarfism could be so lucrative? Grumpy Cat, a 2012 internet sensation who embodied exactly those qualities was rumored to have a net worth of $100 million dollars. Although this number has been refuted by the cat’s owner, Tabatha Bundesen has since been able to quit her waitressing job. A cat making more than Oprah seems ludicrous, so we have our doubts about the $100 million payday for the feline. It isn’t hard to believe that the kitty has clawed in numbers in the six-figure mark though, her owner has capitalized on the meme in every way imaginable. Think: pre-made iced coffee called Grumpuccino.

The kitty was named after Bundesen’s daughter misspelt Tartar, eloquently stating that the cats fur shares a colour with the condiment Tartar Sauce.

Grumpy Cat, aka Tardar Sauce, has a Friskies endorsement, three books written in her honour (along with brother Pokey), and stars in the film Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever voiced by Audrey Plaza. And that’s not even mentioning the million dollar merchandise company, Grumpy Cat Limited, who trademarked the “Grumpy Cat” name and image. An entire line of plush toys, kitschy calendars and keychains have graced the walls of Hot Topic. She has her own agent, Ben Lashes the “meme manager”.

First class flights, a private chauffeur, personal assistant and unlimited Friskies cat food, as the official Spokescat for Friskies, Tardar Sauce is treated like the celebrity she is.

Tardar Sauce has millions of fans, among them Stan Lee. The kitty met the former Marvel president at a comicon meet and greet for VIP’s.

Tardar Sauce went from meme to Broadway star when she made a guest appearance on the musical Cats. Even though she made history as the only actual feline to ever be on the Broadway musical, Grumpy Cat still didn’t crack a smile.

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