Oyen the Ginger Cat Joins a Capybara Family, Then the Malaysian Zoo Makes It Official

Cats are known to just turn up and declare wherever they are as their home. In the case of Oyen the Ginger Cat, it was with a Capybara family instead of humans. The Capybara family being residents of Zoo Negara in Malaysia.

Oyen Ginger cat joins capybaras at Zoo Negara in Malaysia
Credit: @znmzoonegara/TikTok

Oyen first went viral back in 2021, with videos of him popping up on social media ever since. You’d see Oyen straight chillin’ with his Capybara crew or joining them during meal time. A favorite is the video of him avoiding the rain below.

Then as Oyen’s status as a Celebrity Pet grew and grew, Zoo Negara decided to make it official finally: They added Oyen’s name to the Capybara sign!

@znmzoonegara Haaa oyen pun dah ada signage sendiri Mungkin next Roren kita pulak? Korang belum kenal Roren kan #oyen #oyenbarbar #masbro #capybara #zoonegara #zoonegaramalaysia #zoonegaramalaysia2023 ♬ girls like me don't cry (sped up) – thuy

And if you’re familiar with Capybaras, this new addition to their family isn’t a surprise. Capybaras are known as the GOAT at chilling with anyone, anytime.

Capybaras the most chill friendly animals

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