Hot Dogs Only – Check Out DOG PPL, The Hottest Canines-Only Club (Santa Monica, California)

Have you ever been at a dog park and wished you could order a cocktail? Or have you ever been at a bar and wished your dog was there? Well, if you live in the Santa Monica area in California, you can do it all! -Thanks to an exclusive canine social club called DOG PPL.

Dog PPL exclusive dog park club in Santa Monica California
Credit: @dogppl/Facebook

DOG PPL opened up its doggy doors in late 2021 and has been bumpin’ and barkin’ ever since. This private club/park for pooches costs $80 a month (pending an application process). It also has requirements and rules, like a private club for humans.

Dogs are allowed off-leash once inside, and “Rufferees” act as canine concierges who assist, clean up, and ensure they’re all playing nicely. Doggy amenities include complimentary poop bags, infused water, and gourmet treats. They even have treats that are safe for both humans and pups!

For the human guests, there’s a lounge, bar, and cafe for drinks and food. They have free events such as live music, dog training sessions, and dog/human yoga classes. Opposed to ruffing it at your local park, here you’ll find special turf so you and your best friend won’t get all dirty after a few hours of playing.

For a dog that would feel right at home here, check out our interview with Fifi Little Darling the Jet-Set Dachshund.

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