Louie the Rescued Racoon is Crowned the 2024 Cadbury Bunny

Louie has been crowned the 2024 Cadbury Bunny, making him the first raccoon to be honored with the title. This follows previous winners: Crash the Rescue Cat (2023), Annie Rose the Therapy Dog (2022), and Betty the Frog (2021).

The winner receives $5,000, which Louie will use to support his sanctuary, Samadhi Wildlife. You can check out the other worthy finalists below.

Louie, a natural politician, ran a solid campaign.

Louie and his campaign momager also made news appearances to drum up support.

He’s also a natural model, with the adorable photo shoot below as proof.

For some back story, Louie was an orphaned cub before being rescued by Jaime Arslan in 2021. He was found unfit to return to the wild, so he stayed with his new human mom and did what any enterprising young raccoon would do – Become an influencer! And he uses his influencer to educate people on racoons and urban wildlife.

Besides careers in politics and modeling, he’s also a talented artist.

You can follow the newly crowned Easter Bunny at @louietheracoon on Instagram and TikTok. And if you’re able to, Louie would love it if you could donate to help build his wildlife center!

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